Many of us have heard the phrase “is not what you know but who you know”. In other words, your contacts are one of the tools to find a job. I use the word networking to refer to the process of creating and maintaining your network. It is estimated that 80 percent of jobs are obtained through a network of contact making it imperative familiar with some of the mistakes to avoid.

always expect something in return for what haces.- reciprocity. People are very likely to be guided by the principle of reciprocity: if I give something, I expect something in return. Although it is a basic principle in building relationships, not always act with the sole intention of receiving something back.

Not knowing how to add valor.- To belong to any professional social network (Facebook) or (LinkedIn), you have to add value. Value is not just about money (to pay a subscription to belong to a club).

Rogar.- This is one of the major mistakes when, for example, college students know influential people at a professional conference. These students come to appear after exposure and directly besought give them a job. He usually happen to people who have long been out of work and know someone with the capacity to contract. Do not fall into that temptation. It is frowned upon.

Look desperate. – One of the worst sins of the networker. Pleading, mentioned above, reflects desperation. And there’s nothing away your contacts more than appearing desperate. You may feel that way inside, but try to hide it a little. Looking desperate attempt to get in your job or new contacts you put a repellent aura. It acts as if you did not need anything from anyone and attract more positive things.

Not knowing escuchar.- One of the most common problems among networkers. We all like to tell our stories and express our opinions. But if we all speak, who listens to us? Listening is a quality that is not taught in college but you can learn with practice. The next time you find yourself in a social environment, try to listen more than you talk. Imagine you’re watching your favorite movie and do not want to miss anything of what happens. Nod your head and hold an active stance showing interest. A potential contacts that you would like to include in your circle positively surprised them your new capacity.

Not be dressed for ocasión.- normally contain some affinity circles created: passion for a particular topic, a profession in common, age, or any other characteristic. We feel more attached to a group the more we share. Do not let your clothes you away from possible contacts. If you’re trying to integrate into a group of bankers who dress conservatively not show up at social gatherings in beach slippers. Or not wearing ties go to a social gathering of construction workers.

Not know well. This error will not only affect your effectiveness when establishing your professional network but also harms your overall odds when it comes to getting a job. If when they ask for the topics that interest you or what kind of looking for work, you stay looking at the sky seeking answers, you need to know you better. Make a personal SWOT analysis that will serve for the entire job search process.

Too aggressive. – All we imagine that the ideal networker is breaking into the party waving to everyone and monopolizing all conversations (illustrated in many films like Mr. Popular). Do not try to act that way because very few people manage to turn a profit behaving well. It acts naturally without calling unnecessary attention. If you are by nature aggressive character, retráete a bit and let others shine as well.

Always in the same círculo.- Do you socialize with the same circle of contacts since you were young? Do not abandon him but dare to meet new people that brings diversity to your network. You will learn many new things and many professional doors will open.

Shy? Use it to your advantage. The timid by nature always use the same excuse not to interact and expand their network. But it is not necessary, as I mentioned before, you’re someone aggressive or popular. Use your shyness listening carefully to others. No need to change your personality to succeed in your attempt to create your professional network. And finally, use online networks such as Twitter, where shyness step to the expression of interesting opinions forgetting the fear that represents the physical space.

Photo @ Dimitri Vervitsiotis