Pharmacist should be (a)

In our country many see as a pharmacist physician confidence. They consult us and sometimes prescribe the perfect remedy. Here in America the rules are more rigid and pharmacists can not prescribe. But still they serve as consultants and important allies of our health.

They educate us and ensure that the prescription is correct. We provide guidance on the recipe, answer questions, communicate with your doctor and if they see any problems you advice on your medicine and your insurance plan.

If you have a passion for helping others, you are detail oriented and organized and are interested in the area of ​​health care, this is a profession that may be for you.

The responsibilities

Pharmacists distribute prescription drugs to patients and offer advice on its use. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics responsibilities of a pharmacist include

The education

A pharmacist (a) requires a doctorate of pharmacy (Pharm.D). To apply to pharmacy school you need from two to four years of college. Some programs require a high school and students to take the entrance exam known as Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT).

PharmD programs take 4 years to complete. After your graduation, you need certification to begin your career as a pharmacist (o). This certification is achieved by passing the test known as the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam (Licensure Examination North America). In most states you may have to pass another test known as the Multi-State Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam.

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Working perspective: Good

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of pharmacists it is expected to increase 25% from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for other occupations. Several factors may contribute to this increase. Scientific advances will lead to new drugs. More people can get insurance coverage for drugs. The number of older people is growing, and the elderly use more prescription drugs than young people.


The average salary for a typical pharmacist in the United States is $ 114,755 USD. This report was prepared by using analysis of certified professionals and compensation survey of thousands of HR departments. This report includes data from April 2012.

Work environment

Pharmacists work in a pharmacy, grocery store, department stores, hospitals and / or clinics. They have much interaction with people and also consult with physicians regarding prescriptions and medications. They spend a lot of time standing up and working in places that are open 24 hours can work nights and weekends.

One of the similarities between the US and our countries is the growing importance of pharmacists in our lives. As we mature, our medical needs tend to increase and we need a trusted advisor to answer questions and ensure that strictly follow the guidelines of our medicines. The doctor and the pharmacist are trusted advisors available to us to help stay healthy.

Pharmacists follow a code of ethics and are much more than a drug dispensers are health professionals dedicated to improving the health of their patients, monitor patient progress and advise doctors on drug issues. For that and more this race is a great honor and respect.