Questions about corporate culture

Fit into the corporate culture is one of the most important aspects of any job interview to determine if you are the ideal candidate.

For example, if the company is young and dynamic, it may require a candidate willing to work long hours in a stressful and changing environment. If, however, you interviews in a mature company with a defined structure, you would need to adjust to a totally different environment.

In the first part of the following examples, I present some questions that can make you. In the second, I’ll show some examples of questions that you can do to find out if the company fits with your values.

Examples of questions that can make you

And now it’s your turn to ask some questions to the interviewer. In most job interviews, the opportunity arises to check whether the candidate would fit into the culture of the company. The interviewer will ask: “Do you have any questions about the work usually happens at the end and many candidates wasted this opportunity because of the nerves and the desire to end the long-awaited interview?.

First of all, you have to be clear about your values ​​and what you consider an ideal corporate culture. For some candidates, the balance between work and family is most important. For others, opportunities for promotion from within. Facilities to continue learning at work is essential for many others. According to a study conducted by the company Bullhorn, our professional values ​​depend on our level of education, sex, and age, mainly. See this study to see if your values ​​match those found in the study.

After having well-defined your values, you can proceed to ask some questions to find out how actually the work environment. Although it is not need to do all of these questions, focus on the two or three that have the greatest impact on your decision possible.

Examples of questions you can ask the interviewer

Remember that once you accept the job, spend most of your time in that environment. Therefore, it is essential that there is a chemistry between your personal and corporate values.

To find out before the interview corporate values, visit their company website and look for the section values ​​or culture. There you’ll find the really important aspects to find out if you would like to work there. Luck.

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