Questions for an interview in a call center

Here are some examples of questions you might be asked in an interview for a job in customer service representative at a call center. Although the types of questions vary depending on the industry and product / service, most often focus on your ability to communicate, to handle difficult situations and a high volume of calls. Finally, your ability to solve problems efficiently will play a key role in hiring you.

How to problem solutions; The first thing I do upon entering the call is to concentrate on listening to the customer: your problem, your tone of voice and some keywords to help me. In my previous job we had a database with answers to common problems, so if you know the solution, consulted the computer system of the company. At the end of the call, always I ask the customer if he was satisfied with the resolution.

What write speed on the computer;? Although I have never officially measured, I write fast enough to take notes on the computer while someone talks to me without losing the thread of the conversation.

Have you ever had problems with your supervisor;? Once when I had a small problem with a supervisor because he thought the solution was giving the customer it was not satisfactory. My supervisor came to my station to help with the problem. Although at first I did not agree with his method to resolve the situation, at the end I understood his thinking and managed to adopt new methods to work.

How you face pressure,? The pressure causes keep me alert when serving customers on the brink of despair. For many, the pressure makes you leave this job, looking for something more relaxed and less intense … for me, it’s a motivation.

How many calls per hour could attend;? The necessary, in some works have reached the 150 daily, others have only had to answer 30. Much depends on the type of calls we receive.

Are you able to answer calls in English and Spanish;? Of course. That is one of the main advantages of being bilingual. I use no problem with the language, as written orally.

Do you like working in a team? I love working in a team, sharing what we achieved as a team and support each other.

Do you enjoy helping people,? I really enjoy helping people. Without that I derive satisfaction when I help someone, would not survive in this hard work.

What would you do if a client starts to insult you by phone,? When a call tone up, try to calm the customer asking some basic questions. If not, and not upset me, contact my supervisor and I transfer the call.

You enter a customer’s call, in English, and for half an hour, proceed to offer solutions to solve your problem. Half an hour after that, the client tells you that he has not understood anything of what you say because you do not speak English well … What do you do in those moments? I would ask politely, in English, that part of the conversation did not understand . If I notice that his comments are intended to disturb the fact that their problem can not be resolved, I give you the option to talk to my supervisor.

In your opinion, describes the ideal call;. The ideal call is one in which I manage to fully assist the client using the time required, without excess, and complying with the regulations of the company. Because, sometimes, you can help the client bypassing all established rules … and that is not part of my call ideal.

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