Questions interview for a job in construction

Here are some of the questions that you can find in your interview for a job in the construction industry (bricklayers, boilermakers, fitters, electricians, carpenters). Besides the typical interview questions each -fortalezas, weaknesses, and so the interviewer will try to discover your specific qualities for the job in question. Workers in the construction world are usually surrounded by situations of risk to their physical integrity, which also carries a danger to any employer. Therefore, many questions are usually related to the skills of employees to minimize risk in construction.

Although the questions vary, most interviewers will focus on some general areas of this profession. Lester Ayerdis, inspector of construction projects natural gas pipelines, with over 10 years experience in the world of construction, we have provided us with a list of basic for which questions should be prepared.


I recommend that for each of these questions, practice with another person who is able to correct you and provide constructive criticism, so that the day of the interview you feel much more comfortable to answer them. Not necessarily you’ll find with these specific questions, but practicing these will help to create an idea of ​​what employers are looking for in this industry. Good luck in your job search.

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Sources: Interview with Lester Ayerdis, inspector of natural gas pipelines, Florida Powe & Light