Questions interview for a job Product Manager at Google

Here are some of the questions that you can find in an interview for a job Product Manager at Google. The questions often occur in the second or third stage of the process, the first interview is usually more general questions about strengths, weaknesses and most basic information. If you spend the first cut, you can find more specific questions whose answers will give the interviewer an idea about your thinking and problem solving.

I decided to use Google as an example because, according to Fortune, is the best place to work. Professionals in fields such as computer engineering or product managemen t aspire to work in one of the most successful companies in the past decades. If you do not know where to begin to answer any of these questions, do not worry. Surely, 99 of the companies hiring product managers do not require such responses. Although if your goal is to be an attractive candidate for a first-class enterprise begins to polish your creativity when solving problems.

If the probability of observing a car in 30 minutes on a highway is 0.95, what is the probability of observing a car in 10 minutes (assuming a constant probability)?

Four people need to cross a rope bridge (in poor condition) to return to their camp at night … Unfortunately, they only have a flashlight with enough light to hold lit 17 minutes. The bridge is too dangerous to cross without a flashlight, and can not hold more than 2 people at a time. Each person walks at a different speed, one can cross the bridge in 1 minute, another in 2 minutes, the third in 5 minutes and the fourth in 10 minutes. How can you get across (all) in 17 minutes?

You’re with a friend at a party where there are 10 people, including you and your friend. He offers you a bet: for every person you meet and share birthdate you, will give $ 1, for every person he finds that does not share the birth date you, he takes $ 2 … Should you take the bet?

What is the probability that break a stick in 3 and can form a triangle?

Each of the men in a village (100 married couples) is married and has been unfaithful … Every wife knows. at the time when a spouse, anyone but his own, has been unfaithful. In the village there is a law prohibiting adultery. Any wife who is able to prove that her husband has been unfaithful must kill him that day. The village women never disobey this law. One day, the queen visits the town and announces that at least one husband has been unfaithful. What would happen?

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