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When I ask many of my readers, some friends and family, about what they are doing in their job search, I often respond with, “I’m throwing curriculum businesses” like playing the lottery.

First, they have not developed a list of companies they would like to work. What they do is simply search job postings and, as they say, they release the same general curriculum for all vacant jobs, which will not help to differentiate them from the hundreds of candidates who aspire to the same position.

In one example a bit extreme, which will not work for all job postings, a candidate named Nina, decided, after months throwing curriculum and multiple attempts to join the company Airbnb, it was time to try something new through something less traditional. When his sister advised him it was time to look for other companies to find a job, to forget about work for Airbnb and who had tried in vain to approach them, Nina became convinced that it was time to change the strategy.

On the same website, Nina presented a current state of Airbnb, summarizing the current situation of expansion. What it does is prepare the reader for his proposal: The company is in this situation and I’m going to take further. Rather than merely to summarize the academic and professional qualifications, the candidate moves perfectly how your skills fit with corporate expansion plan.

After doing a review of the current situation of the company, he explains how to Airbnb Nina still has a long way to go, since its expansion in the Middle East has not reached an optimal point. To do this, researches and presents specific data on the different markets in which it can help.

If the company had not been clear how attractive its proposal to make further progress in the Middle East market, Nina explains the importance of doing so. That is, the initial proposal might be attractive at first sight for some people, but it is always better to clarify the reason for his decision to help Airbnb to conquer new markets, and why these markets matter.

Present an attractive proposition to a business expansion may be sufficient for many, but for Nina, a detailed implementation plan was the next step to follow if you really wanted to fascinate Airbnb. Therefore, illustrative graphics detailing its action plan.

For any proposed expansion, however attractive at first glance that it is always possible implementation questions arise. Instead of letting those questions in the reader’s mind, Nina attacks them one by one.

Aware of the difficulty of expanding into markets with totally different from the country of origin of Airbnb cultures, Nina has a number of strategic partners able to assist with this expansion plan.

In this image, Nina summarizes the most important events that will occur in the area in the coming years, aware that, for each of these events, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit these countries. These visits could stay in homes Airbnb customers, instead of staying in hotels. Another more attractive to the company.

Nina responds, in this image, one of the most common questions in a job interview: Why do you want to work here?

Nina goes on to explain what he really likes the company, which transmits a passion for the corporate mission, proving itself a perfect fit with the corporate culture.

Nina uses this image to another common answer questions in a job interview: Why should we hire you?

As Nina was not responding to a specific job advertisement, but I really wanted to work on Airbnb, the question is can the person viewing this curriculum would be, “all this is fine, but where you’re going to get”?

As in any curriculum, Nina includes your contact information.

As if all this were not enough, Nina also details how has obtained all the data presented, demonstrating that it has done research work exhausted, without making up all these figures. That has already put the icing on the cake.

Nina not only got an answer Airbnb after months of attempts, but also the same CEO put a comment on Twitter, saying that he himself was in the process of reviewing your resume. Nina Airbnb got his desired job.

With this level of initiative, creativity and innovation, not surprising that did. But before this was possible, Nina had to decide to take the risk of investing a lot of time researching and creating a peculiar curriculum.

It is my recommendation that every candidate reaches these levels of creativity, because each situation is different for each person and company. What I could learn each candidate’s dedication and personalization shown by Nina. If you have really developed a list of companies for which you want to work, you could customize your resume, show that you really know the business needs, and the way in which you could help them solve their problems.


Nina’s resume

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