Sample letter (cover letter) Specific

The purpose of the letter (cover letter) is to match the requirements of the work specified in the job ad with your skills. That way, the person reviewing your resume can get an idea of ​​what your profile is similar to what the company really seeking. Your letter should make the reader want reviser your resume, using a persuasive narrative that highlights your personality and your ability to communicate in writing.

When writing the letter, as well as any sales message in the job search process, think of the difference in personal attributes and benefits for the company. That is, when someone buys a shirt, is much more interested to know that the fabric provide comfort to be told that the fabric is 96 percent viscose worsted mixed with the hairs of the beard of a goat of India, the comfort is the user will get the shirt, the latter is simply a technicality, completely irrelevant to the buyer.

Therefore, when present your candidacy in the letter, talks about the benefits you bring to the company, the problems that you will be able to solve, focusing in a comprehensive manner in the concerns and needs of the reader. The reader cares much more than you explain how you will solve some problem that you say you got a 3.4 GPA in your college career (that figure will already be included in your curriculum). Always think first the reader and their needs.

Sample letter (cover letter) Specific

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Recipient Name, Title, Company, physical company address, city, state, zip code

Dear (Name / Surname)

I am interested in the position of coordinator of the student center announced that his organization (write place where you found the job advertisement). My academic background and my experience fit perfectly with the requirements presented in the job advertisement.


Responsible for operations in the night shift in the center of students: enrollment solving problems, meeting customer needs, handling possible emergencies that arise, and ensuring that the policies of the organization are met.

My abilities

Thank you very much for reviewing my skills and experience. I await your call to arrange a job interview and find out how I can help your organization.


Your signature (if you are going to send the letter by physical mail)

Full name