Sample letter for career change

When you’ve decided to change careers, you play at a disadvantage compared with applicants who have experience in the industry. So, your main focus should be on skills that can be transferred to this new career. Do not waste time simply reciting your professional experience in another field. Focus on presenting not only the skills acquired in your experience that are transferable, but your potential as an employee in the new industry.

Sample letter (cover letter) when you change your profession

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Dear (Name / Surname)

I send this letter to express my intention to get the job advertised in (where you found the ad) supervisor of customer service division of your company.

My main skills that fit this work are as follows

I will show my skills and communication skills, high energy level, and a suitable personality for the new job. The type of person that your customers can trust. I have a varied range of professional experience and versatility that can benefit your company. Check my resume to find additional details about my experience and academic training.

I hope that after reviewing these documents, decide to call to arrange an interview in person. I am sure I can add much value to your business operations.

I can contactact anytime at xxx-xxx-xxxx or my email Thank you very much for your consideration.


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