Set limits and earn respect

Maybe you have a boss who invade your space too, perhaps a coworker. Or perhaps a feeder which crosses the line. Do you know how to set limits and make you respect? Both with each other and, whatever your situation, learning to set limits and be respected is something that companies value their employees. Perhaps, even, you need a client. In any case both skills are way for job success.

Even achieve harmony in life depends to realize how far we are giving in to others. If you’re not putting limits on behavior misplaced and even destructive of others, you are compromising your integrity and that is not the best way to achieve job success.

Why not put limits?

The question is not why not put limits but ‘why’. This is because not putting limits even get a benefit actually be harmful to you.

The most common is that people do not put limits to avoid rejection or disapproval, to avoid taking responsibility or avoid taking control to address the situation comes next or not to leave the ‘comfortable’ area because no set limits he has already become part of his life.

Identify the situation where you think you should set limits.

Identify it, yes, and also he decides what is good for you and what does not. It is a personal decision. Think first what is the limit that you set. Then who it is or who are the people involved with you have to talk. Do not forget that one of the people you must also set limits is yourself. That will make the most balanced decision. Write about it will help greatly to clear the mind and will facilitate the search for solutions.

Think what the negative consequences of putting limits would be.

Identified the situation they think you should put limits, think about what would happen if you did. So you visualize possible future situations which will help to assess whether the result would be so negative if intervinieses. The price set limits sometimes really is very high. Measures the price you’d pay if you are willing to assume.

Think of the benefits of setting limits.

By putting limits are looking for positive results in your life. Think, therefore, what would be the positive consequences of doing and what you would open new possibilities, new doors. Identify this will make you gain confidence, take your fear and no hesitation.

Determines actions to take if’d pay the price set limits.

It is to decide what you’re going to let it happen while you were present and what you will not allow. How do I handle it? Identifies the person with whom you speak, that range is, how it corresponds to go, what and how you say what you expect from it, how can you stand firm. And what would happen and if the result would not you like and is not expected. This is mulling various options go all to reach different solution options. This will give you security when face the situation.

Always keep in mind that the goal is to earn respect, set limits for it and not use or violence or aggression. To prevent this from happening you must have found effective solutions and seek to generate agreements with a quiet, explanatory conversation, where it can take place without negative emotions or useless revenge because the result would be catastrophic.

Determines actions to take if not willing to pay the price.

If you have decided not to put limits try to understand why and what you keep yourself in that situation. Sopesa and think what you can do. Maybe you should put a time limit to assess the situation and propose alternative scenarios. You’ll have to make decisions necessary to resolve things before taking a drastic cut. Economically, for example.