Should it be a wedding planner?

To my delight I see our Jennifer Lopez in the movie, The Wedding Planner, where she as a consultant or wedding planner is ambitious, hardworking, very organized and knew exactly what to do and say to ensure that each wedding was a spectacular event. She solves all problems and kept calm during the most stressful times of the bride. In the end, the film heartthrob win and live “happily ever after”. Ok, the film was not entirely realistic, but the job description of the wedding planner was absolutely correct.

Do you have nerves of steel? Can you work weekends and sometimes late at night? Can you assure your customers that will have the most memorable day of your life? Tons of pressure? Good management of stress and make it look easy is one of the key skills of a wedding planner. If you can do it, this may be the career for you.

What makes a wedding planner;? If you decided to marry but these too busy to handle all the details of your wedding, it’s time to hire a professional to handle the design, planning and more.

Educational requirements; Good news, there are no educational requirements to start a career as a wedding consultant. That does not mean that a bachelor’s degree in business would not greatly benefit. Especially if you are starting your own business as a wedding planner. Business Study will provide the knowledge needed to manage and run your consulting profitably.

Another option is to obtain a certification in wedding planning. reports that the wedding industry of consultants has created its own professional certification and training programs and provide the following

Experience is very important, as in any race. Consider starting as an assistant to a wedding planner or work in the area of ​​sales, travel and / or hospitality. Gain experience in dealing with clients, managing budgets and “networking” will be a great advantage. It will also help you determine if this is the career for you. Again, it is not easy to have to deal with the “Bridezillas” that may appear from time to time.


According to a planner or wedding consultant can earn between $ 13.481 to $ 138.586 USD annually with one to four years experience. If the difference is great between these salaries and has much to do with the years dedicated to this race. The more time in the industry, more customers and referrals you get. The finances of your customers is also important, some are willing to invest large amounts for your dream wedding, and a planner can earn between 10% to 15% of the total cost of the wedding.

Employment prospects; Education predicts that there are many opportunities for people in this profession, as approximately 10% of couples work with a planner ( Wedding planners who live in big cities or planners who are willing to move to metropolitan areas have the best chance of finding work.

This is a great race for active, social and “problem solvers” people. You can offer incredible flexibility, since you can work from your own home. A great choice for those who are raising children and / or are looking for a career change. It also lends itself to open your own business and become a great entrepreneur.