Should it be hair stylist?

Are you creative? Do you feel the need to express yourself? Do you love to share with others? The hair stylist career can be a good option for you. It is highly creative and many hair stylists can become your own boss and owner of the salon.

This race is a good way to express your creativity. Think about it, your hair is your most important accessory. Think of it as a frame for your face. This framework is part of you, it expresses your personality, your way of being. And the stylists are what create the framework that will express your style.

There are cuts that have changed the lives of many personalities like Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez Shakira both have their hair to differentiate and express your personality.

Work description

Hair stylist is a professional consultant on style, cut, color, hair care and maintenance. We also provide guidance on products that will help create and maintain your “look”.

As a hair stylist you can train in the area of ​​colorist or the crop area. Others specialize in treatments such as relaxers, extensions, etc.

They work in beauty salons, department stores, “spas”, hotels and can take an important role in the world of fashion. Many work as hair stylists for fashion shoots in the publishing, advertising area and / or fashion, “runway fashion shows”.

Interpersonal skills are important because they are constantly communicating with colleagues and customers. Being good at what you do and have a good personality is important to create a clientele and keep it. Already you know that hair stylists can become our best friends.

And they work up a good physical condition is key. Good resistance is essential for success in this race.

The requirements


Stylists working in a beauty salon can earn their salary in several ways

According to, the median salary for a typical hair stylist “Hairdresser / Hairstylist” in the United States is $ 23.762 USD. Those between the percentile of 75% to 90% can earn anywhere from $ 29,000 USD to $ 34.100 USD. These salaries vary depending on the state / city job, your experience and the specific arrangement you have with the beauty salon.

Employment potential

U.S. News and World Report identifies hair stylists as one of the best races of 2012. It is projected that this race should have a significant growth over the next decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 15.7% growth between 2010 and 2020 and about 98,400 positions in the cosmetology area will have to be filled.

One of the great opportunities this race is to establish your own salon. Many stylists with great entrepreneurial spirit and a solid clientele become both hairstylists and small business owner.

Other stylists enter the world of fashion and advertising by becoming session stylists. These specialize in hair styles for models and / or celebrities in the publishing world, “fashion shows”, commercials, movies, etc.

Hairdressers Journal provides a list of courses for those wishing to train as a stylist session.

Hairstylists can focus their career in a beauty salon as a stylist session or as the owner of a salon. The good news is that you can use your talent and creativity and do it all, a hair stylist in your own living room which also participates in the “top fashion shows” in the fashion world.