Strategies to write a letter of successful presentation

The letter is the document that accompanies the resume when a job is requested. Contrary to what many people think, the letter is not the same as the curriculum but with a different format. It is a document that has to complement the information included in the curriculum by adding a personal and intend to sell your chances of getting your interview touch.

For many people, the fact of having to write a letter of professional type as it represents an obstacle as not really know where to start or content that this letter must include. In this article you will discover not only the sections you need to include but also details about the content you have to write it.

To get to get that interview, the letter will play a decisive role. Several points to consider include: the announcement of job orders requirements, sections of the letter, attitude seller, and a personal touch to glimpse your personality.

One of the most important things is to read carefully the job advertisement before you start writing the letter. Try to analyze exactly what type of candidate sought. Grab a paper and write down the three or four requirements listed in the ad. Now think of all that you have included in your resume and write next to each requirement yours qualities that correspond to these requirements. Not only are you showing that you can make out the details of any document but also it’ll be getting easier because the reader will see familiar words straight from the job advertisement.

Once you have determined exactly the requirements called for in the announcement, it’s time to start writing the letter. And as a suggestion to start the letter divides into five paragraphs. The first paragraph will have an introduction that includes how you learned that there was a job available and one or two sentences that highlight the qualities that make you the ideal candidate for that position. Seizing that you’ve written those –supongamos qualities that have written three main qualities – should devote a paragraph for each of them. And in the last paragraph you will close the trust and waving goodbye letter requiring you to be contacted for an interview.

Now that you have organized the document in five paragraphs and know what you’re going to write on each of them, you should adopt an attitude seller. Put yourself in the position of the reader and writes the letter with a focus on the person and the company tone. Instead of writing the letter full of “I am an expert in ______” or “I have knowledge of _____” should write “your business requires someone skilled in _______ and my knowledge in that area could help improve your department “. It is basically to show empathy when writing. If you are able to anticipate how you will react the reader to what you write, you’ll have a great advantage over the other candidates.

You’ve studied the job advertisement, you have created the necessary sections in your letter, and have written the content while conforming to what actually looks for the reader. But it is something you include? The final thing to consider is to add a personal touch to that document. But how do you do that? For although it is not something tangible or easy to explain, let’s start by saying what it is not. Imagine that you walk very busy and you’ve got someone to write the letter for you (something not recommended) and you get to read it. Although it is very well organized and written you stop and think, “this does not sound like I wrote it.” What is missing? What is missing is the personal tone that is unique. That personal touch reflects your way of saying (and writing) things. And it is essential to complete perhaps one of the most important documents detail write in your life.

So get to work and start typing. Remember to carefully read the job advertisement, to divide the letter into paragraphs to make you easier to start typing, to focus on how the reader will react to your words, and include a personal touch. And finally, remember that the letter is the perfect complement to your CV. Luck.

Photo @ Winston Davidian