The best companies to work if you’re a mom

When it comes to looking for work, few groups have it as difficult as moms who decide to pursue a career at the same time fulfill the task of creating a family. Not only they have to face the physical changes experienced since embaradas remain until after the baby is born, but often they find appalling working conditions. Since the lack of support from supervisors to lack of favorable conditions for taking enough time off laws, moms face a host of obstacles.

Therefore, whenever any publication that highlights the quality work that some companies offer for this group appears, it is almost mandatory to write about it. Working Mother magazine once published its list of the best companies, or businesses more favorable for those moms who want to fulfill their professional dreams. In 2015 this list, we can find companies like IBM and Johnson & Johnson, which, it should be noted, have been included in this list since its inception 30 years ago.

Unlike what many may think, the list does not occupy companies that focus on selling products to moms, even small businesses created by moms for moms. In the list, we find multinationals like the IBM mentioned, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, AOL, Allstate, American Express, Allianz, Bank of America, Deloitte, Citi, or Barclays, among others, showing that also multinational giants they can choose to treat mothers with no tight labor quality benefits. Moreover, I would say that all these facilities offered by these companies may even affect, positively, the productivity of these employees, as they will be more recognized in a non-hostile environment with respect to motherhood.

Among the benefits offered by these companies on the list, and where the magazine is based to elect institutions, would highlight the while allowing maternity assistance for childcare and in some cases, attendance time to adopt. Hopefully many more companies adopt these examples and understand that the facilities can not give moms are at odds with the benefits that the company can obtain or performance of their employees. Here I leave you with some of the companies on the list, complimenting from here both publication Working Mother and businesses of the list.

If you’re a mom looking company in which facilities are offered both when working from home certain days as a period of maternity more favorable, such as assistance in finding child care, and many other benefits, you should investigate job opportunities that exist in each of them, or at least include some of them in the list of companies you should create to start your job search. Fulfilling your work professionals should not run into a hostile environment, but with an atmosphere of flexibility to facilitate the work of these workers.