The most common types of interviews

In today’s workplace, there are many types of interviews that companies use. These include: personal face to face interviews, group interviews, phone and video interviews, second interviews, or interviews over dinner. Then I present the characteristics of the main

-face-To-face interview staff. Without any doubt, it is the most common type of interview. The interviewer will usually cited in the facilities of the company where the work is performed and follow a script of questions designed by the human resources department. Familiarize yourself with the most common questions and the answers in such interviews.

Interview with behavioral background – This type of interview, although within the category of personal interview, represents a new way to discover the potential of the applicant. What is at issue in this case is to find out the behavior of the person asks about past situations in other jobs.

Interview casual-dining room. Although the atmosphere is more casual and relaxed, you should not be fooled. The interviewer will remain attentive to every detail, from what -drinks included- orders for dinner to your table manners. Other than that, it will make many of the common questions of a normal interview.

Group interview. – These interviews have several formats. Maybe you interview a group of several people or you find yourself surrounded by several candidates at the same time. This is what is to evaluate your mental agility in an environment of pressure. There is no doubt that the more people there are in your interview, more nerves appear. In this type of interview, it is imperative to stay alert and listen carefully to each of those present.

Interview in public. – Sometimes the interviewer will arrange the meeting in a public place. The fact that the interview be conducted in public can be for several reasons: the job needs someone to perform well in the street, the interviewer wants to see how you react to distractions, or just a more casual atmosphere is preferred.

Abierta.- interview is somewhat similar to the concept of open house on the property market. In this case all the candidates come to the place arranged and will be interviewing as they arrive.

Telephone interview. – Often the first interview granted over the phone. If the company wants to filter and compress the number of candidates, the first interview will be conducted using this medium. There are many tips to prepare this type of interview.

Elimination interview. – The process of applying for work is an exercise in elimination by the company. After receiving a number of requests, the HR department has the task of eliminating or reducing that number using filters such as resume or cover letter. When you get to the last candidate, it is considered viable conduct a first interview to choose the best, which will round to the second interview.

The second interview. – If the desired position is of importance within the company, it is usually performed a second interview. Sometimes you will interview the same person as in the first or can you make someone the senior.

The third entrevista.- When you have already made it through two rounds of interviews, and you receive a call from the company, you think you’ve got the job. But not so fast. Many hiring processes require a third interview to achieve determine who is the ideal candidate.

Sometimes you face a fourth interview, though the chances are minimal. But do not panic. This means two things: probably the work that you request is of utmost responsibility, and the other is you’ve been through three rounds. These two factors should make you feel good, not only so far you’ve come but by the likely importance of the work that you request.

Remember that never get to be 100% prepared for each type of interview. But the more you know about each of them, most likely you’ll succeed. Luck.

Photo @ Noel Hendrickson