The portfolio: your new card

The professional portfolio is a compilation of work performed and used to demonstrate your skills in a practical way. The curriculum represents your essential document in the job search process, the letter summarizes your career in narrative form and persuades the reader to read your resume, your professional portfolio shows, with palpable signs, your accomplishments and skills.

When a recruiter reads a good cover letter, you should browse convinced that your resume. When examining a great resume, the big question is: “Where could see samples of all these achievements and abilities?” The answer lies in your portfolio.

The professional portfolio has always been common in-painters, photographers, models artistic professions, dise├▒adores- for which it is essential to show the work done during their careers. No matter how attractive that it is the curriculum of a photographer, a recruiter will always want to take a look at the pictures you have taken.

Such facts need to show skills and achievements has been moved to other professions. For example, a financial analyst should collect the returns it has achieved for its clients in the form of graphics, a marketing executive must show the advertising campaigns and their results. Even in some universities, students begin to collect all their work in a central database that acts as a student portfolio. This portfolio can open the door to practical work during their stay university.

With technological advances, it is not necessary to load in tow with your work in a briefcase or backpack. These days, recruiters expect to see an online portfolio for each candidate.

Options to create an online portfolio

To create your online professional portfolio, options range from creating your own website to use specialized web services portfolios.

Create your own page.- Surely your own website gives you more control over the design and content. Create a page can cost thousands of dollars if you hire a programmer and graphic designer. Although companies like, or allow you to register a domain and use a template-not need to hire anyone. the cost to register and maintain a domain usually ranges between $ 10 and $ 20 per year. At a minimum, you should create a simple page using a service like

dedicated to creating portafolios.- If you create a home page intimidates, services opts for some of the companies dedicated exclusively to creating professional portfolios online. Examples:, or Although these services are more oriented to creative and visual professions -fot├│grafos, designers, draftsmen …- your templates can be adapted to other careers.

If you do not dare Presentaciones.- your own page and also consider the portfolios online services do not fit your profession, you can choose to include presentations service that lets you share your ideas in presentation professional. For careers as financial analysts, managers, managers or any other profession where knowledge plays an important role in the dissemination of that knowledge through exhibitions becomes your briefcase achievements and abilities.

What should I include in this portfolio

Just as in your resume, you should not include everything that you’ve accomplished in your career.

Make your portfolio answers the question: “Show me what you’ve accomplished.” Recruiters increasingly act more proactively seek candidates on social networks and through the web without waiting to receive curriculum. If they find your skills through your portfolio online, you might receive an offer of a job sooner than you think.

Photo @ Joe patronite