the titulitis

The titulitis could be defined as some people’s obsession with the accumulation of credentials (diplomas, certificates, etc.) which, because of its high cost, can be counterproductive. In many cases, it becomes an obsession without producing the desired results. For some job applicants, the way they use to differentiate or highlight your personal brand is the accumulation of degrees and certificates, sometimes irrelevant to the employment in question.

Instead of accumulating as many degrees and certificates, ideally the candidate to build a portfolio, whether physical or online, where their employment skills are demonstrated. The titles differentiation through the employer does not provide enough information to justify hiring. Especially if it comes to jobs that can be carried out without an official title.

What would you recommend, once you choose the professional field in which you want to apply for a job, is you to try to free courses online where you can discover, without financial risk, if you really care really develop your skills.

What happens is that many candidates confuse a title with knowledge, if you have one, vouchers, if no title, no vouchers. When thousands of people trained for jobs that do not require any certification, which have managed to learn everything they know through books, free courses and personal experience, based on hard work and not much money actually exist.

Coursera offers free online courses, high quality, several top US universities such as Stanford University, Princeton University, the University of Berkeley, the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania and many others. An ideal platform to develop your knowledge.

Although Udacity began in 2012 with the aim of maintaining free education for all, it has recently changed its business model: Right now must be paid to obtain a certificate. But, however, they continue to maintain free access to learning materials. I signed the first course ofreciĆ³n Udacity in 2012, which surprised me by the effective use of technology. In these months I have registered for course Intro to Computer Science and I have found that the quality has even increased, including mid-lesson quizzes, accompanied by feedback to help you stay motivated in the course.

Khan Academy, who was born of the need for an uncle to teach math to her niece through videos showing a blackboard on which problems in a simple manner solved, has evolved into one of the free resources most used Internet . Today, Khan Academy, we can find thousands of videos ranging from physics to chemistry, to how to solve everyday problems, all with the help of video and screen sharing.

EDX, a consortium of top universities (MIT, Harvard and others) to offer some of their courses online version, so grautita, has also become a benchmark in the world of eLearning. One of the most popular courses on this platform is the introduction to Computer Science, a course that I recommend personally.

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