Tips for finding work in a startup

In an economy in which still disappearing, insurance, permanent jobs than you just have to worry about going to work every morning, young and not so young, face a labor reality increasingly associated with the economy shared, to Uber.

Under these current conditions, companies try to replace those jobs for temporary positions or contracts autonomous (freelancers) who is not required to pay social security or other aids; when they deliver your project, no longer part of the team. When it comes to finding such jobs for many corporate functions that are repetitive and uncreative, there is an exaggerated competitiveness, to the point that many companies opt for the cheapest candidate to hire. Which is very different when it comes to getting creative employees, for which companies struggle to get the best, at any price, even luring employees of other companies with highly attractive offers.

Given this disparity, candidates should become familiar with the different types of open positions in enterprises for some, they will fight for your services, for others will care only your price.

One of the most attractive options for young people looking for creative positions is to enter the world of startups, or relatively new and small businesses looking to gain a foothold in the industry. In these companies it is rewarded, initially, work above profits, hoping that one day all members of that adventure are rewarded. Although wages are low at first, many talented young people are attracted by the freedom and the opportunities they present, either to develop their skills, learn in a poorly structured or simply feel that their contributions influence so environment directly to the product or service.

Now, with the popularity of startups, many young people have decided to migrate to some of the centers where these types of firms focus: Silicon Valley, New York, Austin … Although many of the newcomers aspire to become entrepreneurs or form part of a startup, not many come with a specific plan on how to proceed, so that after a few days, are frustrated and unemployed.

The first thing I advise those young people who come to one of these cores startups is finding a way to get into a company, either through volunteering or simply presenting solutions to problems of any startup. Reaching a startup with solid knowledge, especially if those skills are technical, and eager to demonstrate the value you have without receiving anything in return-even for a few weeks in what could be classified as an unpaid internship you can become the key to entry for newcomers.

Unless the candidate has already proven its worth in some way in the virtual world, either through a project in or or have demonstrated their skills through blogs or code you’ve written . In such cases, what you can do is go to some workers meetup of startups to listen and learn about what moves in that world, and so descubir what kind of problems could be solved for those pesonas or startups. Once you know how to solve a specific problem, the doors will open wide.