Tips for preparing your resume

Undoubtedly, the resume is the most important document you should prepare for your job search. Other: cover letters, thank you letters, and others, are complements to your resume. To achieve the desired impact – entrevista– this document must adapt to the requirements established by the receiver of the document: the human resources department. Here I present some of the essential sections to make your resume meets the objective of being given the job interview.


To achieve write a professional and high-impact resume, you need to first analyze some examples of successful resumes. Check out these examples to get an idea of ​​how to prepare it. All examples presented are resumes in English because I assume that the vast majority of employers require a resume in that language. There are still very few companies that ask for a resume in Spanish. Use the examples as guides, so do not make the mistake of copying and pasting because every resume must be unique and customized.


If you are someone who do not show creativity when it comes to writing, starting first with one of the templates available in word processors (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and others) and so you only have to fill in the spaces rather than prepare everything not knowing where to start.

Help pages

In this section, I present some of the pages where you find help in preparing the resume. Some of these sites offer free advice, although others offer professional services of writers with experience in the field of professional communication. Opta first by reviewing the pages that offer free services.

What to include in your resume

There are debates, as in any professional field, on the data to be included in your resume. Since the inclusion of a summary, through professional references, or even details about graduation dates, etc. Check this section for the current rules on the content required by most human resources departments.


With the advent of internet and online job applications, the use of keywords has become a necessity. There are many companies that rely on software to filter hundreds, even thousands of resumes they receive for each position advertised. As search engines base their results on the use of keywords, it is imperative to take this detail into account when preparing your document.


Many formats available to design the resume. In some industries more sophisticated and modern formats are used, while in other rewards tradition. Check the different formats in this section for the best possible outcome.

Types summarizes

Depending on your personal circumstances and the industry where you intend to work, you can choose between a chronological resume, functional, or a mixture of both. Check this section to find out what type of resume you use in your specific case. The important thing is to emphasize your qualities in the best way possible and the reader discover your value as soon as possible. Choosing the wrong type of resume can result in a failure, no matter how prepared you feel to perform the job in question.

Guide to writing your resume (in English)

Finally, this guide aims to offer a roadmap for the use of reference when you decide to start preparing your resume. Remember that this guide is intended only offer advice and no strict rules to follow. You have the ultimate responsibility to study the requirements of the employer and adapt the advice presented to your particular personal situation.