Tools for Job Search

It’s time to start your job search. The first thing you have to do is organize. You will need time, energy, passion, and some tools.

These tools include

At the time in which we live it is essential to have basic working knowledge of computers. At a minimum, you should be able to write an email, search the Internet, create documents, and print. Many companies only accept online applications so it is imperative to have these basic skills.

Room to work from casa.- you may already have a job with own space in a building and think I do not need another office. But if you think really delve into the adventure of looking for work it is vital to create a space dedicated exclusively to home this function.

The next step is to prepare you to organize your search. Physical and virtual folders you may find useful to do so. Create a folder or folder with your resume, another for letters, and one for store listings available jobs you find online. Apart from the documents you’ve created, you have to be prepared to archive all emails sent / received. To do this, create a folder in the email program you use or label your emails if your email program does not allow the creation of folders. You will find it much easier to find emails in the future when hundreds of messages accumulate.

As you receive hundreds of emails, it is also possible that you accumulate voice messages. If you use a cell phone, be sure to include your number in the curriculum. Another important detail about cell: create a voice message or voicemail that professional result. If you have not been able to attend some call human resources of a company, the caller will surely leave a message in the mailbox. Although obvious, it tries to answer these calls in a quiet place where you can clearly hear the other person and have access to a notepad where you can jot down any information.

Another tool you need to have on hand: a calendar (virtual or physical). There are people who feel more comfortable using online calendars or computers. Others prefer a physical calendar old-fashioned. Whichever is your choice, keep that calendar always at hand to check possible dates of interviews and / or events related to your job search.

As for programs to create your resume and cover letters, you can opt for one of the most popular options on the market. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Word has become the most-used to create documents. If for some reason you do not have this program, you must choose one that allows you to save documents in Word format (.doc o.docx). When you start to save different versions of your resume, do not forget to include the date file- name will help in the future. One more detail about the documents you think: must be written professionally and without error. No matter how skilled you think you for work, it is impossible to get to the interview if your resume does not close to perfection.

Many applications require a presentation email accompanying your documents. Even if you think you have become adept at sending email by sending emails take years to family and friends, do not make the mistake of neglecting them. An email that is used in your job search should be treated as other professional document. Create these emails requires your attention and professionalism. If you do not have an email account with your name, or something similar, open a new account for this process.

While most communications today are conducted electronically, it is always convenient to have the ability to print your documents. Whether for companies that require physical delivery of the documents or by the need to bring with you the day of the interview. To print your documents, you need access to a printer at home or have some place near your home where you can print these documents.

And the day you bring these documents in person the day of your interview, you have to go from point blank. All the care you’ve spent managing the professionalism of your documents have to see reflected in you. Make sure you have a locker room designated for the day of your interview before you call for the big day. That costume complete toolbox necessary to obtain your goal.

Photo @ George Schuster