Uber would you work with?

If you take several months to get a job and have no source of income at home, you know very well the feeling of frustration and despair. The bills do not stop coming, do not receive any signal you sent the resume, but you know you need to do something urgent to get some money. In today’s economy is not so easy to get to a store and ask for work, the market is not for that. Even jobs that pay minimum wage are sometimes hard to come by.

Therefore, and for some people, is becoming attractive possibility to get a job in what is called sharing economy (sharing economy), or a market where workers and clients can contact almost directly (through a platform technology). Uber, personal service “taxis”, offers customers a different way to order a “taxi” drivers and a faster and more agile way to start making money.

Which are the requirements

The only requirements to drive for the company Uber are own car, driving license and background check (research to ensure that you possess a clean record). That is, the requirements are very basic. There is no need to have any experience in the transport sector, or possess a special type of insurance. Simply fill out the application and wait for them to contact you.

What are the advantages

The advantages are manifold. Within a few days you can start receiving some income without having to go through the regular process of any labor contract. No need to send resume or go through a job interview. Just filled the online application and if you approve it, one to two business days, you’ll start receiving notifications via the phone application. There is no need to charge passengers directly, since customers pay using the app, Uber gets the money and keeps 20 percent, and sends you the payment through the platform. As you can see the process is simple and effective. It is a network of drivers offering their services, informally, to customers who need in your area.

The disadvantages

But all is not gold that glitters. Although Uber tell us that their drivers earn $ 90,000 in New York or other amounts in other cities, these figures do not appear to be real. First, what you can earn per trip (these are some of the figures for New York and New Jersey)

NEW YORK CITY; Old Price New Price; $ 3.00 / mile $ 2.15 / mile, $ 0.70 / minute $ 0.40 / minute; $ 6.00 $ 3.00 fare basis base; $ 12.00 $ 8.00 minimum min

NEW JERSEY; Old Price New Price; $ 2.25 / mile $ 1.90 / mile, $ 0.30 / minute $ 0.20 / minute; $ 3.00 $ 3.00 based base; $ 6.00 $ 6.00 minimum min

You should not forget that Uber is not your employer, but simply a company that connects drivers with customers and earn a commission for facilitating the transaction. That is, you have to pay for the vehicle, gasoline, car insurance, deducting taxes and have your own health insurance. That is, you can see the figures announced in the news or on the website of Uber often highly inflated.

That is, when you calculate what you could potentially win, do not forget to include all the above expenses.

For many unemployed people can be very attractive chance to win some money almost instantly doing something as common as driving, but do not forget your original goal: get some money while looking for a job.

Do not forget your goal

In some cases, depending on the potential success you have, your goals can be altered. Some drivers, excited at the arrival of money, decide to continue making money and forget your job search. Just remember that for a living with Uber should happen to you, probably more than 40 or 50 hours behind the wheel and, unlike working for a company, every day start from scratch, to expect that you reach notifications to your phone.

And if that were not enough, do not expect to make friends with any professional driver. Uber, as expected, it has been received in many cities as the enemy number one of the taxi drivers. If we see it from their point of view, each new Uber driver poses a threat to the livelihood of a taxi driver. Therefore, taxi drivers will see you worse than a normal competitor.

But from the point of view of consumers, Uber and similar services, come to revolutionize an industry that seemed to call for a change. Professional taxi drivers, especially in recent years, have earned a very negative reputation. Consumer complaints ranged from the smell and appearance of taxis and taxi drivers, the unprofessionalism of drivers, poor service to people attending the phones of the plant, to the lateness … and these are just some . Consumers felt powerless in the absence of alternatives and taxi companies, in many cases, were abusing that monopoly. But now everything seems to change and the industry is in the midst of a revolution that will benefit consumers and many people who choose to offer their services as drivers.

What do you think of the situation taxi drivers? What do you think of Uber?

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