Use LinkedIn for your job search

LinkedIn has become one of the essential tools to connect with other professionals. In turn, these connections allow you to establish a social network to help you find your next job. There are many examples of people who come to me through emails or posts on social networks, commenting how they got job through LinkedIn, the professional network par excellence and one of the platforms most commonly used by recruiters worldwide .

To take advantage of all the possibilities LinkedIn offers, follow the following recommendations on their basics.

Contactos.- The essence of this network are your contacts. Not so important the quantity but the quality of them. Try your network that reflects your real environment. If you work in the industry selling timber (and you want to get your next job in that industry) and your LinkedIn contact list only includes cooks and musicians, the employer to review your profile will not give you any credibility.

Perfil.- The profile section equals your resume on LinkedIn. You get to import all the information in your resume in a simple way. Besides, it is advisable to include a professional (or quality) photo that reflects your professional personality. LinkedIn evaluates your profile and recommends that you add to have it as complete as possible. In your profile, you can also include a link to your personal website, the website of the company where you work, or your Twitter profile. You can even link your tweets with your LinkedIn profile to appear on both sites.

Recommendations.- One of the most important sections on LinkedIn when you’re looking for work. Asks several recommendations to former bosses, co-workers, or people who have treated you professionally. By asking these recommendations, specifies the job you are looking for the person writing the recommendation have a better idea of ​​approach. Write letters of recommendations to others when you request it, provided you have something good to say about the person. An employer who visits your LinkedIn account almost always repair your recommendations to see what the rest of you in the professional field are saying.

Grupos.- All professionals share affinities in some area. There are devoted to human resource professionals, Hispanic MBAs, international sales, and many other groups. Find two or three groups related to your profession and join them. Participate in group discussions at least once a week to stay active (basic principle of networking) .These groups offer the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with professionals in your branch. Even within these groups many job opportunities arise.

Section corporativas.- pages used by companies to maintain a reputation in this network and connect with future employees. Choose five or six companies in which you want to work and follow them on LinkedIn. In these corporate pages you can find current information about the company that can help you in a job interview, for example.

Trabajos.- Section Section of jobs you can do an advanced search of work specifying position and company. Once you find a job you want to apply, you can see if you have any existing contact within the company.

Noticias.- Although this section is not exclusively related to job search, can help you keep up with the most relevant news in your industry. Customize this section includes news in industries that interest you.

LinkedIn Answers (Answers). – In the section of questions / answers, any network user can ask questions. These questions are categorized depending on the topic, and every user has the option to respond. It represents an interesting opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in a specialized area and help other opportunity.

LinkedIn has become an essential tool in the job search and more and more companies use it to find the ideal candidate. Do not miss the opportunity to use LinkedIn for your job search strategy. Luck.

Photo @ Yagi Studio