Use this new program to create your resume

When it comes to creating a resume, sometimes we spend too much time trying to format a Word as attractive as possible. But for people not used to format documents, it can be a bit difficult to get to explore all possible options. Sometimes all we need is a program where, by filling our information, format the resume automatically.

Here the program presents an example of how your resume will look like once completed.

The first is to include all your information: name, email, phone number, city where you live and LinkedIn address. If you do not have a profile on LinkedIn, you should create you one immediately.

In this section, Statement, you have the option to summarize your career in paragraph form. Now, not all candidates need to use this section. If you had a professional career that has followed a linear path, gaining position in the same company, or take enough time in the same job or if your career has been based on the same skills, do not need to use this section.

This is the section where you will include your professional experience. As you can see in the picture, there are three circles in which you can click, each for different jobs. Only you have room to include three of your work. For each type the company name, the city, your title, dates and a description of your responsibilities. In the box of responsibilities, recommend you not create spaces between the lines yourself, but use the asterisks (*) to create points (bullet points) to go on separate lines.

Includes races, masters, you’re done. You do not need to include High School, unless you have not completed a career and employment only required to have completed High School. Populating career information, you need not fill all spaces. For example, for someone who has achieved a very low GPA, you can leave that box blank.

In the next section or section, you are asked to detail your skills, especially those that correspond to the job you are applying.

Finally, on the last screen, you can change a couple of details on formatting, such as font, alignment or if you prefer not to have lines between sections. Although, without changing anything, at this time, your resume and be properly formatted, similar to that I showed as an example. Now you can save it as a PDF file to send by email or just print it.

Overall, the program is very well, is easy and quick to use, aportándote the ability to create your resume in a matter of minutes.