video summarizes

A video resume is a short video used by candidates in the job search to present their skills and experience to recruiters. It acts as a complement to traditional resume and is one of the most important trends in personal branding.

Although the video resume does not replace the traditional resume, you can become a tool in your personal branding strategy to differentiate yourself from other candidates, as long as the video is created with professionalism, following certain guidelines. If the video does not convey professionalism and high quality, not worth that is part of your strategy.

Before starting the adventure of recording your video resume, review some examples of good videos. Only then you will realize that you should include and omit. One of the easiest ways to enter this world of video recording is creating your own YouTube account forms. There you can upload your first recordings and test until it is successful.

Tips for recording your video resume

Where do I upload video? Once created the video summarizes the advice presented, you must make the decision to place it in a visible place. Some specialist sites in search of work, CareerBuilder or Monster, contain sections that allow you to upload your videos. Perhaps you could also upload your personal website.

How are you going to find your video? Just as it is advisable to spend your resume printed to family and friends to check it, teach your video to these same people. Reviews will help you create a video that serves you best help in the job search process. Once revised and corrected, you can include a link to your electronic resume, your LinkedIn profile, and / or your personal website. You can also send the video link to your professional contacts.

Remember that the video constitutes an effective element in your personal branding strategy, the final product must be almost perfect. If at the end of the tests, do not feel entirely satisfied, do not make the mistake of uploading the video just for the sake of having it. In the case of video resume, upload a regular / bad video is worse than none. Luck.

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