If you plan to get a degree in social work, psychology or related field, volunteer experience can make an impact on the employer to which you address and the type of work that aspires after graduating. It is an alternative to Internships and volunteer experience can help you prepare for your life as a social worker and can help you better understand people (and this is very important if you want to be a Clinical Psychologist and Sociologist Field).

Difficulties and benefits to begin in volunteering

Most of these types of professions confront us with many emotional ups and downs. But not only people we help, but also to our own. This is, among other things, because we are immersed in situations of sadness and put us directly in front of human misery with the emotional impact this means. Sometimes one of us or some people always block the pain and we distance ourselves from what causes it.

In addition, volunteer experience is ideal to help others, make a difference in the life of a person and help us mature knowing different realities to ours.

Steps to become a volunteer

2. Board the names and contact information of at least three personal references or work. You may need them or not. Update your resume if the organization you decide to volunteer asks you.

3. googles the name of your city with ‘volunteer centers’ or ‘volunteer’ to see if you have a volunteer center. For example, search for “volunteer center of New York”. If you find one, contact him. A good volunteer organization is ‘United Way’ that works around the world and has many projects locally. Visit volunteermatch.org to find different NGOs and Foundations seeking volunteers. It also offers training programs. He considers that not all agencies are included in the list.

4. Note that in organizations such as the UN or UNICEF is virtually impossible to volunteer if you have experience and a title that you endorse in a specific area. Better than discard if you want to have more experience when you get your degree in the areas of social assistance.

5. After you get volunteer work, treat it like a real job. Although not receive financial compensation for your dedication, experience in curriculum and joy that brindarás other individuals are unpayable.

Other tips and some warnings

· Be sure to reference information on the quality and evaluation made in the vicinity of the positions of your volunteer volunteers to have more value to your resume and your learning and experience gained are as good as possible.

· Call your city hall. If you like helping the elderly, many nursing homes with low esatrás patients happy to receive some help resources. You may reach to plan activities and more.

· Hospitals need volunteers very often and orphanages who have agreed to babies and young children. This volunteers are highly demanded in Units Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU)

· If you are a good listener you can find an organization to volunteer with hotline for crisis and suicide. All I know preforming offer several weeks. Contact United Way or search the Internet or in the phone book.

· If you think you want to help people who have been raped, you should know that there are many centers that need volunteers desperately rape. visit rainn.org

· Another great opportunity to volunteer that can help you gain valuable experience is to help a homeless shelter or in a nursing home domestic violence. Visit artisthelpingchildren.org and searches the list of shelters for the homeless.

· If you think you could help terminally ill patients considered to volunteer in hospices. Visit Hospicenet..org and click on ‘search for a local hospice’. You can also find them in the phone book.

And now two warnings

· Do not overdo it on her time spent. In principle it devotes a weekly hours until you’re more prepared immerse yourself in the activity for a month but then rest. In a very hard work if you’re not ready. So, little by little.

· Do not let the entity for which perform volunteer take advantage of you. If you feel being so, contact the principal. If there is no change after a conversation with, feel free to change entity.