What do you see the company before hiring?

When we spent hours at the computer, creating the curriculum perfect, correcting verbs, phrases, checking the commas and even obsessing with the document format, sometimes we forget that what the company really looking for are not our grammatical skills, but a demonstration of our worth and potential through actions. Only actions in this case must be submitted in writing.

The company does not hire the first person who presents because hiring a person represents a risk assumed in some cases a very costly risk. Imagine that the company hires a sales manager for a vacancy, after spending three months in the recruitment process, taking several people in the human resources department, they decide to make an offer. If the boss agrees, you will have to pay entry, need a period of adaptation and learning to comeznar to produce and generate sales.

As one of the most conservative to predict the future is knowing the past ways, companies hold on to what you’ve accomplished in the past to predict your value within it. As the words, however beautiful they remain on paper, do not often communicate with the same force as the actions, employers call for a demonstration of your worth, either through tangible evidence, results, or call former heads to make sure your skills. In many other cases, even for the same job interview, the interviewer will ask a demonstration of the skills you have highlighted in your resume.

For the company to be freed almost entirely of that risk, I know many candidates who have volunteered to work several weeks without receiving any compensation, offering the equivalent of an offer to try a product (free trial) before buying. Not all situations will allow the company such an offer, but you could book it for some occasions when the firm, still relying on your chances, refuses to take such a big risk for lack of evidence. If you are able to demostrfar your worth in those weeks, generating sufficient value to the company will extend an offer, it will have achieved your goal, although you have had to assume all the risk in the transaction.

Remember that with every hiring company takes a risk. If you really want the position offered, you have the opportunity to take that risk, offering a trial period in which the company has nothing to lose. On the contrary, you would be offering your time as an investment, with the ability to achieve the desired employment. There are many candidates who can not afford that luxury, either for lack of funds or lack of confidence in their abilities, but consider it as an option in the future.

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