What I have to do to win $ 1 million quickly?

Well, if all the readers of this article send me a ticket for $ 10, you will surely get quickly. Already. You want to know what you have to do to get it, quickly and safely. That many of the commercials that we see on TV, books trying to sell the idea that revoulucionará us life and make us rich in an instant are based.

They have rumors that Picasso, in one of his walks through Paris, ran into a wealthy lady, who, recognizing him, asked him a quick portrait hicera. Picasso took a sheet from his pocket, and within minutes, gave the drawing to the lady. When asked about the price, Picasso replied that the cartoon would cost the equivalent of $ 1 million. Stunned at such amount, the lady demanded an explanation of how, something that would take the talented painter few minutes, could cost as much money, what Picasso supposedly replied, “I took 40 years to be able to do this drawing as Little time”.

In another story, an owner of a shipping company was in a very difficult situation. One of its boats, stuck in port for a mechanical problem, lost hundreds of thousands of dollars each day that passed without being able to continue its course. Desperate, he instructed the captain to find the best engineer around the port, to solve the problem as soon as possible. After a few hours, Captain apareción with the best engineer in the area, armed with his toolbox. Without wasting a minute, the engineer began to check the pipes and the ins and outs of the ship until, after 5 minutes, pulled out a hammer and pounded a valve. Suddenly, everything started to work as before. The captain, jumping for joy, owner telephoned to inform him of this mechanical miracle. When the owner received the bill for a million dollars, his joy turned to anger. Immediately, he called the engineer to demand an explanation for the bill. “How is it possible that only 5 minutes of work, without having spent anything in pieces, send me a bill for $ 1 million? Send me a more detailed bill.” To which the engineer sent a more detailed bill: Labor for 5 minutes work $ 50– Knowing where to hit with the hammer: $ 950,000.

The engineer and Picasso share something very important and valuable in today’s job world: the deep knowledge and expertise. When we strive to become the best at what we do within a particular niche, companies are beginning to look. Even in the day, we always look at the best we can find, with the resources we have. If our daughter gets sick and can choose, obviously we take the best doctor we know in our area. If we are visiting San Antonio, hungry for Mexican food, we want to try the best Mexican food place, provided it is within our budget.

So when we go into a profession, farming that expertise, such knowledge, those skills every day, we will be increasingly valuable. If you are a contractor, specializing in residential work, each client and project represents a way to improve your reputation. After a few years, if you do your job well, serious, responsible and professional manner, the voice begins to run, destacándote above those tens of contractors who only think about making money quickly, leaving each project beginning during several weeks, as they have “caught” customer and have gotten some money. The contractor, taking in the long run, does its job the right way will be able to increase its prices, and people who really want to complete a work not mind paying a little more if you know you are hiring the best in your area.

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