What is a Career?

The time has changed. In the past many young people wanted to be a doctor or family lawyer. Today, other careers, many of them with vocational guidance, are not only valid but being considered with much enthusiasm. The economic crisis has affected the decisions being taken in choosing a career. Many need to make quick money and have less debt after completing the educational process. In his presidential State of the Union, President Obama said that the interests of student loans are higher than the interests of credit cards. And according to Janet Wagner editor of Kiplinger’s a private university can cost almost $ 37,000 USD to $ 60,000 USD per year.

There are career options and not all belong to the sector profesional.Una Career is a viable and powerful orientation within our economic climate. Learn to determine if it is a good choice for you.

The first gives – always do what you love

I’ll always remember that you must follow your passion and choose a career you love. George Lucas, a creative genius, creator of Star Wars said it well in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. He explained that many will ask, how do you know what your passion? His reply, “When you sit down to do something to 7 am, you get hungry and you’ll eat something and you realize that it is the 7 pm, that’s your passion, that’s what you like to do . Find something in relation to what we can become your career. Because the idea of ​​making money, the idea of ​​becoming famous, the idea of ​​being powerful, essentially irrelevant. the important thing is to be happy and you will only be happy doing what you love. ”

What is a Career?

Let’s begin by eliminating any negative perceptions you may have regarding a vocational career. There are many qualified highly successful people who have followed a vocation “trade” or trade. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a vocation as a skill or ability that follows as a career. A vocational guidance includes a variety of careers as technicians, nurses, hair stylists, therapists and workers or “blue collar workers”.

Do I have to go to a college or university?

Follow a Career for many is a practical decision. It is an approach that allows you to educate and train within a specific trade. Most vocational careers require fewer years of education versus a career, therefore less funds are needed to complete your studies. But do not get me wrong, if you choose a Career, you have to study hard and go to a technical college or vocational school to learn your job effectively. Many vocational courses require an associate degree in the specialty area you choose, certification and training or learning “apprenticeship”.

What are the job opportunities?

Tech Media Network published a list of several vocational careers. It includes options with wage levels between $ 45,000 to over $ 100,000 per year with high chances of employment. So we eliminate the myth that vocational careers do not provide competitive salaries. The list includes fascinating careers as computer programmers and careers for those who want to follow their passion and help others as nurses.

You also get many vocational careers within the list of the best races “top choice careers” of U.S.News and World Report. For example, positions within the technology take a large percentage of your list and is not a surprise considering the important role that technology has taken in our lives.

And if you like working with your hands and you’ve played with Legos since you were 5 years old, do not stop to consider a career in carpentry or electrician, even plumbing. Today there is a great demand for workers or manual workers and that demand will only grow. In New York a plumber earns between $ 47,000 USD to $ 82,000 USD and wages will only grow as the number of qualified decreases and demand increases workers. So do not be afraid to face a Career of manual labor, may end up owning your own business with a team of 50 +.

The word vocation also means “call”, in other words your destiny, your mission, do not be afraid to go after. There are many growth opportunities in vocational careers. My husband started as the assistant to the assistant in a beauty salon during a break as semi-professional football player Australian. He knew what he wanted, he worked hard and today is a great stylist, owner of four beauty salons and hair product line. All within a vocational career.