What is autoinventario?

Knowing yourself is an essential step in the job search. Without knowing your abilities, your strengths and weaknesses, the environment where you develop better, your ambitions … how will you be able to reach your potential?

Yes, I know that many times we can not be with rodeos, we can not afford to get down to think about what we want to work, because the important thing is the family get on with any work. That is, we need urgent cash and do whatever work is available at the time. But what about long term? Do you think jump from job to job focusing only on the money you need for tomorrow? You do not have aspirations to develop your personal talents in the not too distant future? And yes, we all have talents.

Imagine that you meet a friend who you have not see. Asks about your family, your health and your work. Would you mention you’ve been unemployed for a few months and you long for.

To reach the level of express so specifically what you want, we must first sit down to think, to inquire about our skills, our strengths … create a autoinventario.

To create a autoinventario there are many tools in forms of mental exercises that make you think about what you have inside. Among them, one of my favorites is the exercise flower Dick Bolles, author of one of the most successful book about job hunting in recent decades, What Color is Your Parachute?

To begin the exercise of the flower, all you need is paper, pencil, silence and concentration. It all starts with ten sheets of paper. Top of each sheet, you must write the question “Who am I?” Under each who I am, you will write a sentence per sheet that defines you personally. For example, you can put: mother, outgoing, creative, leader, traveler, wife, curious, with international experience, bicultural. Each of these ten things are on a separate sheet. When you finish, you order ten sheets per priority (most important first). And finally, once he sorted the leaves, back to each of them, look at what you’ve written and write under each picture as to encourage you about that specific response. That is, if you write your leader as one of ten things, write what really stimulates you on your abilities as a leader.

At the moment you will find you out mentally, because although we like to think of others and talk about others, rarely sat in front of a mirror and think about what we really have inside, as if escondiésemos under a shell . If you invest your energy really thinking about these ten things, this exercise will allow you to know you a little better, which will bring greater clarity in expressing what you want. Good luck.

In this link you can download a PDF with all exercise petals of the flower.

Source: What Color is Your Parachute?? Richard Bolles, 2014