What is career planning?

The Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Career’ ( ‘Run’) as “an occupation carried out over a significant period of time during the life of a person, usually with opportunities for advancement.”

Career planning is a process, not a point bet. Career planning does not mean just the job search, but the search for employment as part of a well thought out plan, rigorously studied and updated periodically, focused on where you want to get (job satisfaction) and how you want to get starting from your current situation paying particular attention to your strengths and your weaknesses, and looking and taking full advantage of the opportunities you they arise, and to overcome them and achieve your goals. And your current situation may be that you are in a position to choose career start thinking about a change of job or career, or even in moving up within the company.

What is the bread-making career?

Career planning is

Career planning includes not only the type of work you do or the number of hours you put into it, but also your private life, the time you spend with your family and friends in activities of community leisure as well as dedicated to your personal development. Decisions regarding the race are part of a wider scheme: you can not make decisions about your career without taking into account the effect they will have on your life in general.

Moreover, a career plan can not guarantee a better job. However, yes it can provide the necessary tools to choose career, be competitive, look for deals and take advantage of opportunities that arise in an organization.

Career planning: your responsibility

The new realities of life and career standards require novel. Career progression is not a right but a responsibility that must be willing to assume. Organizations can not promise success in your career, however, they can become members along the way.

Some tips on how to develop a career plan

I hope this serves to get an idea of ​​what career planning. In other articles I’ll accompany you so you can make yours and, anyway, remember that there are professionals whose services you can hire and can help you produce it.