What should I do after my job interview?

You’ve just finished your job interview, exhausted and eager to rest. If you have left you well, you want to celebrate and wait impatiently for the offer. If you have left you, you want to forget about it as quickly as possible and start again. But before celebrate or forget, remember to send a thank you note to the person who interviewed you.

Although the interviewee may seem not important, the fact is that thank you note brings added value to your application. Not only will you show courteous and polite, but also You will demonstrate an attention to detail. After all, a thank you note is a detail, an opportunity to positively highlight.

How to send the note

Already. In these modern times, ideally send a TXT or wassap fast, but do not go so fast. It all depends on the culture of the company where you have interviewed. For the most conservative companies, a handwritten note probably stand out in a special way.

What to write in note

The note should be simple, direct and concrete. Simple because you should not expand on a simple thank you, but the fact of having written it speaks well of you. Direct because the interview is over, and it is not right to steal much longer the interviewer. Finally, note must be concrete. Mentioned one or two details that you drew attention to what the interviewer said, the atmosphere in the office or any other details. That way you not only You will demonstrate attention to detail and ability to listen, but a way to establish a stronger connection with the interviewer and the company. Remember to include the following information: your name, contact information, the interviewer’s name, the title of the vacant position, something specific about the interview, your interest and confidence in the position, thanks and an invitation to contact you once they have finished interviewing other candidates.

When to send the note

No matter how tired you are, the interviewer should receive the notice before they have spent two or three days. That way, you’ll still be fresh in your memory and will remain open recruitment process. If it takes too long before getting the note, may the recruitment process is completed, and either too late to benefit from the positive effect of detail. On the other hand, do not rush to send the note as you leave the office because it can seem somewhat despesperado of you. Wait some hours before writing the note to send it.

Remember that the resume, the cover letter, the interview, thank you note … accumulate in the interviewer’s mind to form an image of you as a candidate. Every detail counts, for better or for worse, so I put a lot of effort and concentration to each of them. Luck.