Where young people move?

What cities they are young people-not just New York and Los Angeles move.

Being part of a community where innovation, enthusiasm, willingness to work and overcome, positive impact on employment opportunities that open around you will breathe. Therefore, choosing where to move entails professional consequences to be taken into account. Although the most popular cities among young people always seem to be New York or Los Angeles, the truth is that recent graduates can also venture to unexpected places, like Pittsburgh or New Orleans, where, although the general population has decreased, attracts younger professionals. What can be happening there that attracts young talent, between 25 and 34 years?

In some cases, the growth of the young population can result from decisions regarding tax incentives to certain companies and industries, as has happened with the film industry in Louisiana.

In any case, if you have the opportunity to choose where you want to work, you should investigate the cities where companies in your industry are concentrated. If you move to one of those cities, not alone will grant you more opportunities to get a job even in your work area, but, if successful, can receive offers from other companies in the same geographical area. The creation of clusters in certain cities will impact the decision of many young people of this generation, so pay attention to these demographic and geographic trends.

Then you step a list of cities where more has increased the young professional population (data from 2000 to 2012). The reasons vary from city to city, although it always stress that tax incentives for businesses must be present because, no matter how “cool” it seems the city, young job seekers, especially in the private sector


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