You want to work in a startup

Working at a startup has become the dream of many graduates. For those who do not know very well, a startup company is simply a phase of birth, typically linked to the technology sector, with founders who are usually young and male.

For those who want to incorporate these startups, the main dream is to be part of something that is born, to contribute ideas and cause a direct impact on the operations of an entity, unlike working in a large company establecidad with hundreds of divisions, units stalled by bureaucracy and the ruling hierarchy. For a startup, everything feels agile, fresh with processes that allow bring products to market in a matter of months, with the ability to attract masses through social networks … And at the end of the adventure, buy some giant technology the company for millions of dollars, becoming the next Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Airbnb, Twitter …

Although, as you can imagine, the reality is that the vast majority of startups fail miserably during the first months of operation, in which they realize that or equipment does not work, the either product, or simply there is no market for that idea. But all these do not prevent failure have become one of the most attractive for the country’s youth places.