Your next step

Everyone has ever happened to us. You are unemployed, desperate, a little sunk without the capacity to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing will work. The tips of your friends and family are contradictory and do not help; meanwhile, friends, social networks, boast of their “perfect” life, and if this were not enough, the bills pile up and no economic input. Pick up a self-help book for inspiration in some of the early pages. Repeating the same advice, “displays the perfect job”, “dreams of what you want and will appear in your life, the more you think about that desire, the faster it will come true”. Close your eyes … and, incidentally, close the book too. But not to dream or to wish for anything, but that the day is over, but you do not know that, because tomorrow surely will be a little worse.

This is a scene that is frequently repeated in the lives of many unemployed.

Dreaming as a simple nightlife, as an outlet afloat subconscious, which knows no filter at that hour of the morning, it represents an involuntary activity and, in most cases harmless. The problem often comes when we start to dream, without restraint, in the middle of our job search, because then we recommend some “expert”. Measureless dream sparks creativity, reducing those fears that sometimes paralyzes us, but when it comes to a situation in which you find yourself, a dose of reality along with an action plan may produce better results.

As much as dream and visualize my future as a tennis player and my victory at Roland Garros (sometime I played a mediocre level), realistically I know I never get to do. Already. Many will say to me that if I kill the dream, I’ll be killing these residues illusion that should never disappear from our lives. Except when it comes to my real future. In that case, I dream that in my 40 years, I will be the person who finds the cure for cancer, without even being in the medicine industry, can be counterproductive.

Do you want to get a position in the sales division at company X? Then allow yourself to dream and details what your next step because, no matter how difficult the situation where you are, there is always a next step. Maybe your next step is to review what you’ve done so far in your job search, analyze what has not worked and change one thing. If you’ve been sending resume after resume to sites that have not been, find someone in your social networks with the ability to help. Write them, telling them what your plans are, what their recommendations and, if necessary, ask the favor you pass your resume to a contact who can help.

Every step you take in the right direction, every little bit adds up. Like many novelists and writers commented beginners, burdened with the thought of ending a 500-page novel, “the novel is written page by page”. Every time you write a word, an idea, you get closer to the ultimate goal. And each of these steps can be converted into a small victory that fire to the flame of illusion and the attitude you must maintain to keep moving forward, step by step.

Good luck in your next step.

Photo @ Edwin Jimenez

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