Your reputation can be your key to getting a job

When we heard about the reputation of others, whether they are famous, family or friends, we are almost always able to describe that person with a quick qualifier, based on the reputation that has been forged: is a hardworking person, or a person honest, or lazy, clueless, etc. That first word that comes to mind, and the mouth, contains a lot of value in finding employment.

Not that the companies will directly call your cousin, to ask about what your reputation, but a quick research online can make the employer a picture of you believe, your reputation in less than a few minutes. Therefore, take care of your reputation is one of the best investments you can make in your career. To protect your reputation, pay attention to the first impression that causes in people. If you intend to create you a reputation as hardworking and loyal person, every detail should focus on those characteristics.

The good thing about a reputation is that once created and settled in the minds of others, grows as the money invested in a large company or bank, grows, grows and grows … But the trouble of having obtained a good reputation is which is very fragile, it can spoil even the smallest detail. And a damaged reputation can cost a lifetime fix. Think of people like Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong, with reputations of the highest caliber in the sports world. Both were damaged by a specific event, different in both cases, but demonstrating the fragility of a reputation cultivated for decades.

Therefore, today, any candidate should be aware of what is published about them on social networks, any comments that may be accessed through the Internet or any negative opinions that can sustain a former boss. All these sources are able to reveal negative aspects to any employer. You should try to create an online reputation that matches what you want to pass as a professional: choose a feature nothing more and focus on it. Honesty, Creativity, Innovation, Credibility … no matter which you choose, the important thing is that to cultivate wherever information you are looking for, is that the most dominant feature. The downside of choosing many qualities is that eventually fade and leaving just hand the employer’s work created your reputation.

Remember that many of the jobs that are offered today in diia, recommended candidates come from within. That is, if a company where he works one of your friends, contacts or family looking for personnel to fill various positions, that contact you will have to describe in some way. For example, your cousin Mario comes to your boss and say, “Boss, I heard you are looking for a salesperson to this territory and have you the perfect candidate for the job. His name is Carlos and is a …” These ellipsis is replaced your reputation, the image that you have your cousin. And if you have not worked to create the reputation you want, he joins create on your own.

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